Broadband Wireless Communication

Broadband wireless communication with multichannel, multi-band, (PTP), point-to-multipoint (PMP) and mesh radio system project.

Hardware acceleration & HPC

Develop ultra-low latency trading systems and ultra-low gate count Ethernet MAC/PCS and RS-FEC IP Cores with hardware acceleration.

Smart City loT platform

Illustration of a city connected by the Internet of Things (IoT)

Orthogone has designed a flexible, & secure IoT platform. Scalable and upgradeable to quickly adapt to the evolving smart city applications

Cloud Based smart display

Turnkey product development. Smart displays used in cloud-based digital advertising applications – system design, software, FPGA and hardware.

Seat Comfort Solution

Image showing car interior with automated seat comfort solution

Orthogone developed software & firmware solution based on NXP Kinetis microcontroller for a cost-effective passenger seat comfort solution.

Solid-state 3D Lidar

Learn more about the complete electronic design of a solid-state 3D LiDAR used in autonomous vehicles and ADAS applications.

Bionic Ears

Turnkey development of a bionic ears product – including the hardware, firmware and DSP