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Speed transactions with customized low-latency networking solutions

Our R&D team provides expertise designing industry leading solutions for latency critical networking applications

We are FPGA and embedded software experts who understand the need for ultra-low latency networking solutions, such as those used by proprietary trading firms, investment banks and hedge funds to increase trading profitability.

In addition to a solid portfolio of FPGA IP core products (1, 10, 25, 40/100G Ethernet MAC/PCS + RS-FEC), Orthogone offers custom development of FPGA-based SmartNIC solutions for financial, telecom, cyber-security, and data center applications.

We have the expertise, technology, technical insights, and relationships to develop and customize ultra-low latency FPGA solutions that easily integrate into your complete solution driven by the growing adoption of FPGA technology in data center applications.

Benefit from our technical capabilities and product development consulting expertise




Design and implement advanced communications systems


Access developers with high-technology skills and experience


Accelerate time to market for new product development


Implement the latest technology with high-quality results


Minimize risks with project controls and visibility

Rely on our technical expertise for complete system solutions

Some of the world’s largest financial institutions and IT enterprises have used our solutions and R&D design services to build their high-performance leading-edge products. Our team has also contributed to major wireless and wired communication infrastructure projects including software-defined radio systems used in LOS and NLOS wireless backhaul applications, 4G/LTE UE SoC development, network performance assurance systems, and low-latency data center interconnects. 

Our embedded software experts have over a decade of experience delivering groundbreaking solutions including digital signal processing, security, encryption and system performance optimization.

Unleash the potential of Orthogone's ULL FPGA Framework with AMD Alveo X3 series.

SOLUTION BRIEF – FPGA Solutions for Ultra-low Latency SmartNIC

Quickly develop the ultimate portfolio of flexible FPGA and software applications

"I was surprised how quickly Orthogone was able to ramp-up and deliver results for our demanding environment. Today, Orthogone works with Accedian on everything from initial requirement specifications and design, to coding and testing of feature sets. Working with Orthogone is a pleasure because they have the right technical and soft skills and because our success is as important to them as it is to us."

Stephane Bonenfant

R&D Director,
Accedian Network

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Yes. We have detailed knowledge of all our IP cores and many blocks readily available to develop customized FPGA solutions. Depending on your requirements, we may also be able to provide you with a complete design package that allows you to take ownership of the developed solution. We can also provide technical support and maintenance to make changes or add new features as your product evolves.


We can support all stages of FPGA development. We have all the necessary tools and resources to write detailed specifications, design the architecture, perform coding, and develop verification and validation environments. We use well-structured development, verification, and testing processes to ensure that we deliver quality solutions quickly. We are often able to reuse blocks that we have previously developed and qualified in order to accelerate development time and reduce development cost.


Research and development are at the heart of our activities. Our customers benefit from our years of investment in R&D without having to invest internally. Our stand-alone R&D effort is focused on developing technology. And, our in-house R&D team offers versatility and experience in product integration.