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Systems engineering

Minimize your project's commercial and technical risks. Accelerate the deployment of reliable solutions with a predictable cost and development schedule.

Systems engineering

Minimize your project's commercial and technical risks. Accelerate the deployment of reliable solutions with a predictable cost and development schedule.

Systems engineering and architecture consulting for complex project management

We bridge the gap between complex technological concepts and their
real-world applications

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your goals

Streamline your management process and ensure the success of your project.

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We design and optimize systems for tomorrow’s products.

Our systems engineering team can help you test new product or service concepts, validate the benefits of new technologies, or identify and mitigate your project’s business and technical risks.

Our advanced systems engineering expertise includes Ethernet and networking, computer vision, SoC and CPU optimization, DSP, mixed-signal, and wireless tech.

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Gain a
competitive edge

Gain access to custom systems engineering expertise tailored to your technological needs.

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System modeling & algorithms development

Predict performance or make appropriate tradeoffs during the design phase of a project with the help of our expertise in system modeling and algorithm development.

We specialize in simulations and algorithms for:

  • Communication & Networking
  • Radio waveform processing​
  • Computer vision applications​
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our expertise

Access independent technical and business advice you can trust.

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We have always believed in the importance of being independent of any supplier. This enables us to provide our customers with transparent, unbiased recommendations.

When evaluating and selecting a technology, we follow a customized list of criteria, based on our customers’ requirements.

Our area of expertise lies in the evaluation and selection of complex technologies such as :

  • Application processors​
  • System on a Chip (SoC)​
  • Power Solutions​
  • Wireless transceivers​
  • Operating systems/software frameworks​
  • Intellectual property (IP).​
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Technological partners in our ecosystem

Cutting-edge technology to
enhance the safety of autonomous vehicles

Experience the next level of automotive technology with
cutting-edge advancements that aim to significantly
enhance the safety of autonomous vehicles

“As a team we felt that we needed some support from an experienced group of designers. Not very many companies can deliver these types of designs. Orthogone’s experience in project management played a big difference. It’s one thing having the skills to deliver a tough design but having seamless communications between our teams and timely interventions made a difference.“

Frantz Saintellemy- President & COO LeddarTech

We bridge the gap between idea and code



Software, hardware
and FPGA developers


Professional coding
years combined


Years of
innovative projects

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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

We are extremely flexible and can work with you at any point in the development cycle or provide turnkey product development services. We can offer time and material, fixed price, license and support to suit your needs.

First, we would be happy to meet you and your team to determine how we can work together. We will let you know rapidly and very transparently if we have the right expertise and the bandwidth to help you. If we do, we’ll provide you with compelling information to back-up what we say. We will never get involved in a project if we think we do not have the right expertise or enough resources to carry out your project.

Absolutely. Orthogone has a top-notch multidisciplinary engineering team that has successfully developed multiple products from idea to mass production. In general, we’ll be handling the majority, if not all, the engineering and NPI work. As required, we can also closely collaborate with our network of vetted R&D partners (thermal simulations, photonics experts, certification) and contract manufacturers.

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