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We partner with clients in a variety of industries with significant impact.


ADAS & autonomous driving | navigation | infotainment | connectivity | GNSS | Electric vehicle |

Reduce technical and security risks when developing connectivity solutions for automotive applications


Embedded vision & imaging | IoT wireless connectivity | IoT cloud solutions | Security | Sensors | AI |

Accelerate connected medical devices development, while meeting regulatory requirements to revolutionize patient care.

Telecom and data centers

Ultra-low latency networking | Reconfigurable FPGA-based Smart NIC | FPGA Acceleration | Wireless connectivity | Edge computing

Design advanced communication systems or speed transactions with customized low-latency networking solutions.

Aerospace and Defense

FPGA Acceleration | GNSS | security | sensors | image processing Radar, Lidar | Ethernet/networking connectivity | security/encryption | Wireless | AI

Deliver secure broadband wireless communication systems across multiple network topologies under various service delivery requirements.

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Why co-innovate?

Our R&D team will help you keep pace with technological evolution and reduce the risks associated with the development of innovative solutions. Benefit from a shared vision of market evolution and industry trends. Increase your overall development by accessing the right technologies and talent.

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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

We are extremely flexible and can work with you at any point in the development cycle or provide turnkey product development services. We can offer time and material, fixed price, license and support to suit your needs.

First, we would be happy to meet you and your team to determine how we can work together. We will let you know rapidly and very transparently if we have the right expertise and the bandwidth to help you. If we do, we’ll provide you with compelling information to back-up what we say. We will never get involved in a project if we think we do not have the right expertise or enough resources to carry out your project.

Absolutely. Orthogone has a top-notch multidisciplinary engineering team that has successfully developed multiple products from idea to mass production. In general, we’ll be handling the majority, if not all, the engineering and NPI work. As required, we can also closely collaborate with our network of vetted R&D partners (thermal simulations, photonics experts, certification) and contract manufacturers.

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