Smart City IoT Platform


Intelligent street lighting software solution

The Challenge

Develop an intelligent street lighting software solution for smart city applications

CLIENT: Fortune 50 industrial company



Our client needed an expert to develop an intelligent urban lighting solution with secure wireless technologies that could adapt to new use cases and ever-changing technological challenges. IoT network security was critical to ensure reliable information was available when needed.

Software development based on intel Apollo-lake processor

Use of cameras, microphones, environmental detectors and GNSS

Security Architecture and design

The Solution

A partnership with Orthogone to benefit from an innovative approach

With experienced software designers, the Orthogone team was well-equipped to manage project risk and provide our client’s skills and scalability to meet its IoT platform development goals to embrace digital transformation.


Orthogone designed a flexible, scalable, and secure IoT platform that can be deployed, upgraded, and maintained to quickly adapt to rapidly evolving smart city applications.

The software development is based on the Intel Apollo Lake processor. The platform includes several cameras, microphones, environmental sensors, GNSS and connectivity devices (WIFI, 4G/LTE, Bluetooth, Ethernet).


  • Board Support Package and device drivers (Intel Apollo Lake processor, Wind River Pulsar Linux, MIPI-CSI, audio support)
  • Security Architecture and design:
    • Secure Boot loader (using Trusted Platform Module)
    • Secure Boot loader update
    • Security (Key management, secure connection, Software hardening: Rootfs partition crypto, CYBERSEC, VPN, etc.)
    • Firewall
  • Code and memory optimization
  • Over the Air (OTA) system update
  • Light control and metering accuracy
  • Camera support, video on demand
  • Audio support, noise detection, audio on demand, FLAC compression
  • MQTT (Provisioning and control)
  • Cloud oriented micro-service solution
  • ONVIF protocol Device Implementation (videoStreaming)
  • Cloud deployment (K8s, Helm, GCP)
  • Manufacturing tests


  • Atom X-series processor (Apollo-lake)
  • Intel Trusted Execution Engine v3.x

The Result

Development of an innovative IoT platform using state-of-the-art technologies

Created a new business model and new revenue segments for our client by successfully introducing a smart, connected IoT solution in several North American cities that have embraced digital transformation to meet the needs of local citizens, streamline operations, and deliver a better quality of life.

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