Custom engineering services to solve the seemingly impossible

From initial concept to commercialization, we provide technological solutions that meet the software, hardware, and FPGA development needs of OEMs, startups, and everyone in between.

Bridge the gap between code, hardware, technologies, and your ideas

Enhance your development capabilities & speed up time-to-market

Why partner with Orthogone 
electronic product development?

You’re developing an incredible new product and want the best technological team on board.

New technology

You want to bring in skilled developers to strengthen your team's expertise without hiring.


You need to adopt advanced and emerging technologies to scale your business.


You want to reduce risks when developing innovative solutions.


Our services

Solve complex technological problems and launch revolutionary products.

Move from “traditional” outsourced development capabilities to customized engineering solutions that address complex industry challenges.

Enhance your development capabilities & speed up time-to-market.

  • Increase your overall development by accessing the right technologies and talent.
  • Reduce integration risk to develop state-of-the-art electronics.
  • Adopt advanced and emerging technologies to scale your business.

Custom Engineering Services

Extend your technological expertise, streamline processes, and accelerate time-to-market.

FPGA Design

Develop cutting-edge electronic products with our FPGA design and FPGA verification services.

Technological partners in our ecosystem

Our products

Lead the charge in HFT, HPC,
and networking with unprecedented
speed and efficiency.

Specialized IP Cores and FPGA Framework for ultra-low latency SmartNic

  • Forge new frontiers in high-performance computing (HPC) with Orthogone’s advanced FPGA solutions.
  • Tackle complex computations with unmatched speed and efficiency for High-Frequency Trading (HFT).
  • Scale effortlessly and secure your network infrastructure with our cutting-edge technology.

Ultra-low Latency FPGA Framework

Innovatively resolve the trade-off between speed and flexibility in ultra-low latency systems.

Ultra-low Latency IP Cores

Leverage our family of ultra-low latency IP cores to build your next FPGA solution.

Automotive & Transportation

Develop ADAS and integrated infotainment systems with us.


Update and develop innovative connected medical devices.

Telecommunications and data centers

Speed data transfer with customized ultra low-latency networking solutions.

Aerospace and Defense

Focus on security with our broadband wireless communication systems.

Why we are committed to partnerships

We believe in visionary people and want to help them shape our future

By cross-fertilizing technologies used in different sectors, from sensors to the cloud or IoT connectivity to image-based sensing systems, we enable innovators to solve complex challenges.

Contact us and find out why our successful work with clients turns into long-term partnerships where we collaborate on multiple projects.

What innovators say about working with Orthogone

François Boucher
Director of Engineering
Pierre Boulanger
Flir Systems
Frantz Saintellemy
President & COO

Orthogone continues to expand and is seeking smart, innovative, passionate people who are ready to work on challenging engineering projects