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Bridging the gap between idea & market

Shaping the technological landscape of innovative products for 15+ years. Empowering OEMs, Fortune 500 companies & industry leaders.

What we do

We facilitate and accelerate the product development process in the digital space

Orthogone provides state-of-the-art solutions thanks to its dedicated team and software engineering capabilities.

Orthogone offers highly specialized engineering solutions focused on the design of innovative products requiring in-depth knowledge of software development, embedded systems, FPGAs and SoCs.

Increase your overall development by accessing the right technologies and talent.

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Custom innovation solutions

Move from “traditional” outsourced development capabilities to customized engineering solutions that address complex industry challenges.


Improve latency performance and reduce integration risk to develop state-of-the-art electronics for unique and demanding applications.

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Adopt advanced and emerging technologies to scale your business

Cloud connectivity | Networking | Internet of Things | Computer Vision | Digitization | Machine Learning | Video & Broadcast | Edge computing | Security | Sensors

Why we are committed to partnerships

We believe in visionary people and want to help them shape our future

By cross-fertilizing technologies used in different sectors, from sensors to the cloud or IoT connectivity to image-based sensing systems, we enable innovators to solve complex challenges.

Contact us and find out why our successful work with clients turns into long-term partnerships where we collaborate on multiple projects.

Benefit from a shared vision of market evolution and industry trends.

What innovators say about working with Orthogone

FPGA Solutions for Ultra-Low Latency SmartNIC.

Frantz Saintellemy

President & COO

Developers of the seemingly impossible

Frantz Saintellemy-V2

President & COO

Louis Tremblay

Systems Engineer
Flir Systems

Automotive & Transportation

Develop ADAS and integrated infotainment systems with us.


Update and develop innovative connected medical devices.

Telecommunications and data centers

Speed data transfer with customized ultra low-latency networking solutions.

Aerospace and Defense

Focus on security with our broadband wireless communication systems.

Our customers stories and projects

Discover the innovative, versatile solutions we have developed

The diversity of the projects we work on allows our teams to share cross-disciplinary knowledge and new ideas that drive creative problem solving.

Learn more about what to expect from a top software development company.

How we do it

By taking on seemingly impossible technical challenges for bold innovators

By combining extensive expertise with R&D, design, and best practices in the implementation of advanced electronic systems, we turn creative ideas into innovative and disruptive products.

We share this unparalleled multidisciplinary expertise to increase our clients’ agility and enable them to adopt new and emerging technologies to maintain their market leadership.

Reduce risks when developing innovative solutions by relying on our R&D team.

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cloud connectivity | embedded software | networking and communication protocols | digital signal processing | security | edge computing | machine learning and data science | sensors | IoT


system design and architecture | advanced engineering | algorithms & modeling | technology evaluation & selection


embedded systems | high-speed digital | wireless | power & signal integrity

Choose the right partner to address complex issues of electronics product development.

Our ecosystem of technology partners

Orthogone continues to expand and is seeking smart, innovative, passionate people who are ready to work on challenging engineering projects