Hardware analog and mixed-signal designer


You want to get involved in ambitious, innovative, and seemingly impossible projects. Your search ends here! This role offers you first-rate challenges as part of a human and competent team.

Your future work environment

Orthogone is looking for analog and mixed-signal hardware designers to contribute to an impressive R&D team on projects, products, and services in the automotive, medical, aerospace, financial, telecommunications, and other sectors.

Wondering what’s in it for you? Great question!

Your role would involve designing, simulating, and verifying analog, high-speed digital, and mixed-signal circuits. You will work closely with system, mechanical, digital/FPGA, and PCB designers to ensure compatibility throughout the design process.

Key Responsibilities

  • Participate in system definition and architecture in collaboration with digital/FPGA and software teams.

  • Designed, simulated, and verified analog, high-speed digital, and mixed-signal circuits.

  • Work closely with system, mechanical, digital/FPGA, and PCB layout designers to ensure compatibility throughout the design.

  • Analyze, simulate, and verify critical signal integrity.

  • Manage and review design layout constraints definitions, parts placement and layout, manufacturing, and assembly drawings.

  • Participate in laboratory tests, debugging, and integration.

  • Participate in system integration in collaboration with digital/FPGA and software development teams.


  • Bachelor's /Master's degree in Electrical Engineering or related fields and 8+ years of related professional experience

  • Solid expertise in the design of complex analog and high-speed mixed-signal printed circuit boards

  • Strong expertise in low-noise, high-speed ADC/DAC data acquisition, and analog control systems

  • Strong expertise in low-noise IF/RF and analog front-end architecture, design, testing, and optimization

  • Strong expertise in Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) design, oscillators, high-speed clock circuits, low-noise amplifiers, and linear and switching voltage regulators

  • Experienced with analog/mixed-signal circuit simulators such as ADS, Spice, HFSS, and HyperLynx

  • Good knowledge of:

    • Laboratory testing equipment (high-speed oscilloscope, spectrum/signal analyzer, VNA, etc.)
    • High-speed interfaces (JESD 204B/C) and synchronization circuits
    • Integrated circuits (ex: SoC, FPGA, ASIC)
    • Printed circuit board design tools
  • Excellent ability to adapt to a variety of environments and methodologies

  • Capacity to communicate ideas and efficient solutions to customers

  • Supportive attitude towards others and ability to influence them positively

  • Ability to establish priorities and estimate deadlines (senior profile)

  • Problem-solving abilities

  • Committed, creative, and curious

  • Good communication skills (oral and written)

  • Bilingual (French and English)

Fully supportive of your success, Orthogone offers great benefits

  • A compensation package that combines salary and bonuses with a scope of innovative and highly challenging projects

  • Robust group insurance program, as of Day 1 (medical, dental, eyewear, short-term and long-term disability)

  • Access to telemedicine, with health professionals via secure chat or video sessions, as of Day 1 (confidential)

  • Recognition of years of service

  • A friendly, professional, and highly collaborative work environment

  • Remote work 100% available

  • Flexible hours, planned as you see fit!

  • Anticipated vacation program

  • Bonified Referral Program

  • On-site Fitness Centre at Headquarters

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