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Montreal, November 9, 2022 Orthogone Technologies, a Canadian multi-disciplinary engineering company that provides consulting services in R&D and electronic product development, is proud to design the future of electronic trading by unveiling the Ultra-Low Latency (ULL) FPGA Framework. This solution, supported on the new Alveo™ X3 accelerator cards from AMD, results from more than five years of R&D into high-performance FPGA and software solutions specifically designed for ultra-low latency financial applications.

We are proud to leverage our portfolio of ultra-high performance IP cores to build this integrated solution and to partner with AMD to provide our joint customers with a complete FPGA framework to develop their financial applications rapidly., explains Alexandre Raymond, CTO, and co-founder of Orthogone Technologies.

To simplify and accelerate project development, the Framework kit includes a complete suite of IP cores, an end-to-end FPGA development environment, design scripts, simulation test benches, the AMD Alveo™ X3522PV accelerator card-based reference design, and an in-depth software framework. Originally designed for building high-performance financial applications, the ULL FPGA Framework combined with the Alveo X3522PV provides a fully programmable solution that can be tailored to build custom accelerated applications for high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, networking, and security workloads.

Orthogone has selected the AMD Alveo™ X3 series as the primary hardware platform for its ULL FPGA Framework solution.

For customers engaged in electronic trading, solutions that enable them to execute their strategies faster with lower latency provide a significant advantage in what is an increasingly competitive environment,” said Hamid Salehi, director of product marketing, Fintech and Blockchain Technologies, AMD. “The development framework from Orthogone, coupled with our recently launched Alveo X3 adaptable accelerator cards, will help customers rapidly develop new solutions while helping reduce latency in their trading systems.

Throughout its 15 years of activity and through its R&D investments, Orthogone has consistently been praised by its customers for its outstanding product quality and delivery capabilities as well as responsive support. While there are many providers of FPGA-based NICs, only some have the experience of Orthogone in ultra-low latency applications combined with hardware, FPGA and software expertise required to develop ultra-low latency reconfigurable computing solutions and advanced networking equipment.

About Orthogone Technologies

Orthogone offers highly specialized engineering solutions focused on the design of innovative products. The company also licenses intellectual property for FPGA, ASIC, or ASSP designs and a ready-to-implement ultra-low-latency FPGA Framework for electronic trading in the financial, telecommunications and data center markets.

AMD, Alveo, and combinations thereof are Advanced Micro Devices, Inc trademarks.

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Unleash the potential of Orthogone's ULL FPGA Framework, with AMD Alveo X3 series.

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