Napatech and Orthogone collaborate to deliver state-of-the-art, ultra-low latency FPGA-based SmartNIC platform for high-frequency trading applications.

April 4, 2023: Montreal, Canada, and Copenhagen, Denmark – Orthogone Technologies, a leading provider of ultra-low latency FPGA solutions and intellectual property (IP) licenses for FPGA, ASIC, or ASSP designs, and Napatech (OSLO: NAPA.OL), the leading provider of programmable Smart Network Interface Cards (SmartNICs) and Infrastructure Processing Units (IPU) used in cloud, enterprise and telecom datacenter networks, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver a state-of-the-art SmartNIC platform for high-frequency trading (HFT) applications. 

Financial technology (Fintech) enterprises such as trading firms, hedge funds and investment banks require their HFT applications to process large amounts of transaction data at high throughput and with ultra-low latency. Orthogone’s FPGA development environment and Ultra-Low Latency (ULL) FPGA IP cores, deployed on Napatech’s NT200 programmable SmartNIC, enable the development of such applications running at 644 MHz, resulting in ultra-low latency performance. The Orthogone ULL FPGA Framework allows seamless integration, turnkey deployment options, and hardware adaptability for future requirements.

Michel Turgeon, Director of business development at Orthogone, shared his insights on the collaboration: “Our partnership with Napatech equips engineers and developers with an advanced solution that combines Orthogone’s leading FPGA IP technology with Napatech’s cutting-edge SmartNICs. In addition to setting new standards for ultra-low latency networking applications, this solution can significantly accelerate the design and time-to-market of high-performance financial applications.”

“As Fintech applications evolve to require higher networking throughput along with near-zero latency, standard NICs are unable to meet these challenging requirements,” said Charlie Ashton, Senior Director of Business Development at Napatech. “Napatech’s NT200 programmable SmartNIC, however, supports line speeds up to 200Gbps with zero packet loss and enables Orthogone’s ULL FPGA framework to deliver ultra-low latency performance. Our partnership with Orthogone enables the development of a new class of fintech applications and also extends to the acceleration of workloads in high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, networking and security.”

“For companies involved in high-frequency trading, speed matters. So, the time required to complete transactions can correspond to an important competitive advantage, and ultra-low latency networking subsystems can be a key differentiator,” said Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “The collaboration between Orthogone and Napatech results in a platform that enables developers to minimize the latency of their HFT applications and shave critical nanoseconds off their transaction times.”

Interested companies are invited to contact Orthogone and Napatech to evaluate the benefits of the HFT platform for their specific applications and/or use cases. 

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Napatech is the leading supplier of SmartNIC solutions used in cloud, enterprise, and telecom datacenters. Through commercial-grade software suites integrated with high-performance hardware, Napatech accelerates network infrastructure and security workloads to deliver best-in-class system-level performance while maximizing the availability of server compute resources for applications and services. Additional information is available at

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