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A New Era in High-Tech Engineering Solutions

In an industry where the pace of technological advancements is incessant, companies need more than just solutions; they need partnerships that supercharge their innovations. As an acknowledged leader in providing advanced engineering services and customized IP core development, Orthogone Technologies has always been at the cutting edge of technological solutions. We empower a broad range of clients, from startups to high-tech OEMs, accelerating their time to market, mitigating project risks, and unlocking specialized technologies.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Orthogone has achieved Premier Partner status within AMD’s newly launched Partner Program. This pivotal milestone has substantial implications for our multinational clients.

Breaking New Ground with AMD

AMD’s Partner Program is a meticulously structured engagement designed to reward partners across several tiers: Elite, Premier, Provisional Premier, and Select. This program presents an incredible opportunity for Orthogone to further align with AMD’s robust technology portfolio. 

The AMD Partner Program is built upon three fundamental principles: Aspire, Motivate, and Design. Partnerships built on such strategic cornerstones have consistently outperformed their competitors by fostering innovation and mutual growth. AMD’s program delivers financial, marketing, technical, and material benefits structured in a tiered manner.

As a Premier Partner, Orthogone will benefit from an elevated level of collaboration with AMD, opening doors to cutting-edge technological resources. With AMD’s extensive technology portfolio, we aim to surpass industry expectations.

How Our Services and Products Benefit

Accelerated Innovation

  • Exclusive Access: Our Premier Partner status grants us early access to AMD’s industry-leading technologies. Leading to faster development cycles for products requiring embedded systems, FPGAs, and SoCs.
  • Broadened Expertise: With AMD’s support, we can supercharge our cutting-edge R&D, electronics design, and digital transformation consulting services.

Risk Mitigation

  • Tech-Backed Security: Given our focus on industries like healthcare, automotive, aerospace and defense, where security is paramount, the AMD partnership enhances our ability to build ultra-secure solutions.
  • Quality Assurance: Our partnership assures a quality benchmark backed by AMD, reducing the inherent risks of complex technological developments.

Market-Ready Solutions

  • Licensing Intellectual Property: As part of our collaborative synergy, Orthogone can now license intellectual property for FPGA, ASIC, or ASSP designs backed by AMD’s technology, particularly useful for clients in the financial, telecom, and data center sectors.
  • Ultra-Low Latency Framework: Our ready-to-implement ultra-low latency FPGA framework can be supercharged with AMD’s innovations, providing a robust, high-performance solution for real-time applications.

Superior Technical Support: A high level of technical backing from AMD allows Orthogone to solve client-specific challenges more efficiently.

A Synergistic Path to Innovation

We are creating a potent blend of capabilities by melding Orthogone’s deep engineering expertise and customized solution-oriented approach with AMD’s extensive technological arsenal. We provide a co-development solution that allows clients to focus on their core business objectives while we handle engineering needs comprehensively.

A Future of Unparalleled Engineering Solutions

Orthogone’s recognition as an AMD Premier Partner is not just a status but a commitment to our clients. “We are gearing up to offer an enhanced level of engineering solutions that are not just technologically advanced but also strategically aligned with market trends and customer needs, sayLuc Leblanc, President and co-founder of Orthogone Technologies.”

We invite you to participate in this exciting journey, where unparalleled engineering meets groundbreaking innovation.This momentous partnership reaffirms Orthogone’s dedication to remain a pacesetter in technological innovation, further empowering our clients’ growth in an ever-competitive market landscape.

Contact us today for more insights on how this partnership can redefine your technological initiatives.

Sylvie Brière
Marketing Director

Our culture of innovation is rooted in the spirit of collaboration, communication and our love of new challenges.