Luc Leblanc, ÉTS Ambassador – 2022

Luc Leblanc is establishing himself among the industry’s leaders!

Winner of the ÉTS Ambassador Award, which recognizes graduates who, through their concrete actions, contribute to the influence and positioning of ÉTS in Quebec and elsewhere, Luc Leblanc says he is honored to be named an ÉTS Ambassador. For him, this is not only a fine gesture on the part of the school’s management, but also a profound recognition of the technology industry.

Luc Leblanc is the co-founder and president of Orthogone Technologies. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in December 1989 at ÉTS. Since 2007, he has been leading our team of nearly 85 engineers who “thrive on challenges “, including many interns and graduates of ÉTS that he welcomes, year after year, within the company. 

“Thank you to the selection committee. I receive this award with great by my peers in the engineering industry and at ÉTS. This school has been a real starting point for me, conducive to a career that combines challenges and passion for innovation.”

Luc believes in the strength of ÉTS, which is to put people from applied research in contact with the industrial world in order to find concrete solutions to real problems. 

“I am proud that Orthogone actively participates in the economic growth of several technological companies, both in Quebec and internationally, by promoting high-quality and innovative technologies in the development of new products,” says Luc, who surrounds himself with passionate and audacious people.

At Orthogone as well as at ÉTS, we reach out to innovators in applied research and we find concrete solutions to real problems.

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Sylvie Brière
Marketing Director

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