Get to know Sheng-ming Chan, Senior Embedded Software Designer at Orthogone.

The team at Orthogone includes people with varied backgrounds and specialties. Sheng-ming Chan, Senior Embedded Software Designer, joined the team in 2017 with over fifteen years of experience as a software designer for different industries.

“Being a software developer is about understanding problems and helping customers by applying technology at a practical level so that it`s operational and maintainable.”

In this Q&A session, Sheng-ming tells us about his range of experience, and shares what he likes most about working at Orthogone.

Sheng-ming Chan
Senior Embedded Software Designer,
Orthogone Technologies

Meet Senior Embedded Software Designer Sheng-ming Chan

Q: What is your background as a software designer?

A: I graduated from the École Polytechnique in 1999 in Computer Engineering. Since then I’ve done software development in different industries. I first started in finance, then I worked for a range of industries doing different projects including video broadcasting, defense, and physical security information systems/facility management at a startup. After that I worked in an aerospace company mainly testing embedded systems and doing test tools development. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work on many different kinds of projects, from embedded software to user-facing applications.

Q: What do people misunderstand about being a software developer?

A: Some people don’t realize that it’s not enough to understand different technologies; you have to be able to communicate as well. You have to know how to explain your idea or vision to a customer or a colleague to show them how your plan or design will achieve the goal. It’s also important to be able to consider the history of the project and understand how it got there, and the amount of effort it would take to refactor what’s already in place.

Q: What is your favorite part of working at Orthogone?

A: For me the most interesting thing is to be able to work on different technologies. Before, if I wanted to be exposed to other applications or technologies, I had to change jobs. With Orthogone you have different projects for different customers in different industries.
And, everybody at Orthogone is willing to help you and share their knowledge. The people here have a lot of knowledge and experience, so if you have a hardware problem, embedded software question, a microcontrollers issue, or need any kind of help, there’s someone you can talk to. Working at Orthogone puts you in a network of very experienced professionals.

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